I just need something sweet before bed: Let's talk sugar addiction

Mar 09, 2023
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Sugar addiction is real (and companies who sell you food know this). Fight back by understanding your bodies reaction and also psychologically knowing you are being targeted. Knowledge is power!

Let's look into why you always crave that afternoon or evening "something sweet."

1. Hormonal - lets say you eat a cookie. Your blood sugar is going to start rising and your body's response to that will be to release the hormone insulin in order to rebalance your blood sugar level. However, this will also tell your body to store fat. The more fat that you have, the more insulin you produce pulling more sugar out of your blood stream actually making your think (and feel) that you need more sugar!

2. Poor gut health - if you have the wrong bacteria overcrowding your GI track, this can actually be increasing your sugar cravings. Read more about how bacteria can influence cravings here.

3. Habit (and Habits) - humans love routine. This is well known and understood. You may need to knock out your sweets from your comfort zone for a few weeks until you develop a new routine. Some of your habits that may be influencing you to eat sweets include watching food commercials on tv or Youtube and scrolling social media for food recipes or pictures. Try reducing these habits for 2 weeks and see if your cravings improve. You may be surprised.